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Q: What’s the most popular renovation you see homeowners investing in?

A: When looking at the renovations we’ve completed over the last few years, it’s hard to say that there is a more popular or desired renovation than finishing or remodeling your basement.  A basement renovation can add versatility to your home and is literally the “best bang for your buck” when it comes to putting more square footage on your home.

Q:  How does finishing your basement add more value than an addition onto your home?

A:  There are three ways to add square footage onto your home – build up, build out or build down.  In most circumstances building up is the least realistic, as achieving the most usable square footage comes at a sacrifice to headroom and layout.  Attic spaces are dictated by rooflines and HVAC ductwork, among other things.  Additionally, attic “floors” are not typically rated for live loads and could involve additional structural work. 

Building out certainly allows you infinite possibilities regarding layout and size, but there are building restrictions on the size and layout of the addition, as well as substantial additional costs when compared to the other two ways to add square footage.  Additions are weather sensitive renovations – rain, snow and seasonal changes add challenges to the renovation process.  And then there’s the added work in a typical addition – site work, foundation work, final grading, exterior sheathing and siding, roofing, gutters, etc.  These costs, when comparing the overall investment vs. square footage added, really show that a basement renovation is the best way to economically add square footage.

Q:  When is the best time to finish your basement?

A:  Well that’s all dependent on what you’re using the space for.  Some customers have the desire to get their space ready for the “big game”, others are trying to accommodate the moving of an in-law into their space.  Others have a growing family and are looking for an area for the kids to play and to store all their toys and games.  The great thing about a basement renovation is that the best time to complete the renovation is completely up to you!

Q:  We see a lot of companies in CT that say they “specialize” in basements – how are you different from them?

A:  Basement renovations involve extensive planning, knowledge of code requirements, exceptional vision, attention to detail and the ability to keep the project moving forward to completion.  Some might say that’s true with all renovations, and that may be the case, but it is absolutely true for basements.  The scope of work of a basement renovation encompasses all the trades – framing, electrical, plumbing, insulation, sheetrock, millwork and trim, painting, flooring – and there are some items like custom bars, wine rooms or bathrooms that require specialized knowledge.  We’ve been completing basement renovations for over 16 years, we’ve honed our skills and have the renovation process down to a science!

Q:  How long does a basement renovation take to complete?

A:  The honest answer is that it varies.  It depends on how extensive your renovation is, how long the permitting and inspection process takes in your town, if there are any specialty items like a bar or bathroom and the current workload of our trusted subcontractors.  Usually we can complete a basement in 4 to 6 weeks.

Q:  We realize that a basement renovation is the most affordable way to add square footage and we need that added space – but how do we decide on a layout?

A: Well, first you can look at our website or for some basement ideas.  But we can help point you in the right direction by just asking you a few questions and walking through the space with you.  Your budget will also help to dictate what is possible and what might have to wait.

Q:  We don’t have the money saved up to complete the entire basement all at once.  What do you suggest we do?

A:  We realize that in this day and age money is tight and that saving up for a basement renovation – especially one that involves some unique features – may not be entirely achievable.  However, basement renovations can be broken down into smaller construction segments.  Planning the layout, permits and framing can all be done for a fraction of the entire basement cost and will allow you to “see” the space before we go to the next step.  Many times customers who choose this progression realize that a wall or doorway should be moved for them to be truly 100% happy with the layout and they may not have been afforded this luxury had they completed the renovation all at once.  We can work with anyone’s budget and timeline – just give us a call or send us an email!