Elite Renovations for Custom Cabinetry

After two decades of kitchen and bath renovations, we found that the price of cabinetry was rising, but the quality was becoming more difficult to justify to our clients. Cabinets went from ¾” side panels to ½” side panels, from ½” back panels to ¼” back panels. The quality of the finishing diminished and the amount of door and drawer front choices dramatically decreased. Cabinet manufacturers started selling only one type of cabinet box construction. It was almost like customers were being forced into buying cabinets they didn’t like, in sizes they didn’t want, with colors that didn’t work with their color scheme.


…if you will, choosing 100% custom cabinetry. Imagine deciding the width, height, layout and color of your cabinetry. Imagine having the ability to have literally infinite choices on door and drawer styles and combinations with finish colors that work for you and your renovation project. Imagine having all the qualities of ultra-high-end custom cabinets, for a fraction of the price. With our cabinetry you can have all of that. Our cabinet boxes are made with ¾” Maple plywood side panels, ½” Maple plywood back panels, solid Maple doors and drawer fronts. Or, if you desire a different material, we can construct our doors out of Poplar, Oak, Cherry or Mahogany.  And all of our cabinetry features Blum soft-close drawer glides and door hinges – no more slamming doors or children catching their fingers in drawers.

We Understand

…that not everyone wants or needs custom built cabinets. But we also know that people want to get what they pay for. The large cabinet corporations are in business to make profits…and they do that by sacrificing materials and construction costs. The end result is a far inferior product when compared to our custom cabinetry.

How We Do It

Elite is founded on efficiency and quality. A typical cabinet company has a huge industrial footprint, with machinery and employees and all the expenses that go with operating a large corporation. They manufacture their products from resources they import – sometimes not knowing what they’re made from or who they are getting them from. They fabricate cabinets with more fasteners and adhesives and with less time-tested woodworking joints and principles. And once they make these cabinets, they add some profit and then send it off to their local dealers, where they markup the cabinets even more and sell them to you, the customer. And if you’re working through a contractor, be rest assured he’s adding a few percentage points for himself too. So what are you left with…..you’re left with a cabinet that’s not going to last – not going to stand up to years of abuse and a company that will not stand behind their paper warranty.

Elite’s cabinetry is manufactured here in Connecticut. Our craftsman has over 20 years of experience in the residential remodeling industry and has been designing cabinetry and furniture for almost as long. We utilize all the newest construction techniques while also maintaining the ancient woodworking principles of dovetail and dado joinery. We offer over 100 door and drawer styles. We offer European frameless cabinet box construction, Framed cabinet box construction and Inset cabinet box construction. And Paragon lets YOU choose your color – pick from any Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Minwax or General Finishes stain or paint colors. You truly get everything you want out of your cabinetry when you choose Elite’s Custom Cabinetry.